Dar es Salaam,Tanzania

Dar Es SalaamArguably the finest studio facility in Eastern and Central Africa, Sound & Motion Studio's partner “Concorde Studios” is based in the picturesque district of Oyster Bay - a peaceful and exclusive area of Dar es Salaam. Situated barely 250m from the Indian Ocean, the studio is set in a tranquil location amongst palm trees and lush vegetation. Although well away from the dust and smog, access to the city is quick and easy. From the main junction the studio is easily reached on well surfaced roads and is less than 2km from the centre of Dar. The studio complex itself is a pleasant and relaxing place, with a covered garden patio area and excellent hospitality services. We believe that a laid-back environment is conducive to successful music production, and it is our job to make sure that you are well looked after. The complex boasts two live recording areas and one control room, constructed using cavity filled partition walls with insulated double windows and doors.As with all the studios in the Sound & Motion network, Concord links directly to the head office or any of the other branches via VPN networking.

The Studios

Our main live room employs a mixture of pine studding, carpet and acoustic tiles to create a recording environment with controlled acoustic response. To break up floor-to-ceiling standing waves, hanging panels are in place and soundproof partitions are available where further isolation is required. Additionally, we also have a smaller live space available with viewing windows looking on to the main live room and the control room. This enables whole ensembles to be recorded simultaneously as a drum kit can easily be recorded in the smaller space. With all the rooms linked by tie-lines, any recording configuration is possible. The control room is sound-proofed and relatively flat in character, providing an accurate listening and mixing area. Convex ceiling diffusers and acoustic tiles ensure that what you hear is what you record.

Dar Es Salaam