Welcome to Sound & Motion Studios
ImageWith studios in Cape Town & Johannesburg and branches in Lagos and Dar Es Salaam, Sound & Motion Studios is a multi-purpose audio solution covering both POST PRODUCTION AND MUSIC PRODUCTION.
 With a team of highly skilled engineers, producers and composers in our stable, our facilities offer analogue warmth and character, guaranteed through beautiful mixing consoles and tape machines, that forms the soul of music productions, as well as the digital accuracy and recall requirements for film, tv and corporate productions.
We cover singles and album recording, production and mastering, surround mixing for DVD and D-Cinema, Foley and Sound Design through to ADR (with SourceConnect), Broadcast Final Mix, Dolby Accreditation and even Music Score recording and mixing in conjunction with our sister organization, the South African Film Orchestra (click for more info).  Our experts have backgrounds working on projects from Los Angeles to London to Lagos, Sony and Todd-AO to HBO and the BBC, with even deeper routes in the SA based film, music and animation industries. With accolades ranging from Golden Reel, AMAA, SAFTA, SAMA, Loerie and many other awards, the Team trades on the strengths of each specialist member to capture music in time and seamlessly transport the viewer into the Director's world.  
Special Note on Cape Town and Joburg workflow:  We have high speed links between the 2 facilities, ADR SourceConnect options for both studios, identical monitoring solutions in our control rooms and a daily courier service if required.
Please feel free to contact us regarding your music or film project, or to learn more about our BOUTIQUE TRAINING SOLUTIONS.