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Sound & Motion is one of the few studios that caters to Film and TV Score recording in stereo and surround formats, and has been collaborating with recording artists across all genres both internationally and in South Africa since 2002.

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Sound & Motion has been collaborating with Recording Artists across all genres both Internationally and in South Africa since 2002, supporting musicians and producing albums & DVD’s (and generally lending a hand) for clients ranging from Derek Gripper, Guy Buttery and Lisa Bauer through to R.Kelly, Lark and UB40.

Film, TV & Game Score Mix

We are one of the few studios that caters to Film and TV Score recording in stereo and surround formats. Contemporary, Orchestral and Hybrid scores have been completed for a wide range of productions that have gone to cinema, TV syndication and cable channels globally. We love working with film composers from all genres, removing the technical headaches from what they love—making beautiful music.

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End of Dragons (by Maclaine Diemer) - Game Score - Various Composers
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Relics of the Great War - Game Score by JD Spears
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Seal Island Siege - Film Score by Andries Smit & Ben Shutte
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Sephogo - Film Score by James Matthes
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All Hope Lost - Film Score by Daniel Matthee & James Matthes
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Manor Lords Battle Music - Game Score
amaFranx – In the Kingdom of the Aloës
Asher Gamedze – Dialectic Soul
Derek Gripper – Libraries On Fire
iScream & The Chocolate Stix – The Paradox
Lisa Bauer Quartet – Finding A New Way
Lark – Razbliuto
Lark – Brave
Matt Allison – Where This Road Leads